The Expediton now has more than 100 km behind them

On Wednesday, April 27, they had snowfall and relatively poor visibility. During one of the pauses, a Rock Ptarmigan came walking in their path. It is likely that at least one of the participants got a watery mouth. They went 17.4 km in 6 active hours. People were warm and lightly clothed since the weather was very calm, with no wind, and sunny skies.
Thursday, April 28: They skied 16 km in 5 hours 45 min. The accent was 170 m and this day’s elevation was 1,640 meters. The day was windy and the sastrugies slowed them down. In the evening they remembered Ágúst’s father who was buried today. Ágúst is honoring his father’s memory by taking part in this expedition.
Friday, April 29: The day started at -8°C and a windchill factor of -18°C. The wind subsided later in the day with beautiful weather. More sastrugies, but a good day all the same. 17.57 km were skied in four sessions and 6 active moving hours. At the end of the day they had 100 km behind them and decided to put up a camp for more than one night since the weather forecast called for strong winds on Saturday until Sunday morning. They built two snow walls, one for each tent, for protection. Everyone was in good spirits. The elevation is now 1.770 m. On Saturday the weather was indeed windy and those who went out of their tent to the toilet had poor visibility there ;).

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