Accommodation on the Karale and Icefjord treks

Icefjord Trek

Our treks (The Karale trek and the Icefjord trek) spend two nights in a dormitory in our own private house in Kulusuk and the rest of the nights in tents except for one in a hut on the Trek from Karale to Tasilaq fjord.
The general rule is that two people share a three people’s tent, just so that there is enough space for everyone. Additionally, to the individual tents, the group has a mess tent, where you will prepare dinner and eat. The mess tent is also where you can hang out in the evening.

Each pair of people puts up their own personal tent and everyone helps out with putting up the mess (kitchen) tent.
The mountain hut is at about 800m altitude, in a mountain hut-type of bunkbed with 6 people lying side by side.

Our house in Kulusuk is a typical Greenlandic house originally built for one family. The downstairs is made up of an entrance, dry toilet (bucket toilet), kitchen, and living/dining room. The upstairs is a dormitory with mattresses on the floor. It does not have running water, but it has central heating and electricity.

To have a shower one has to walk 200m to the Service house of the village where showers are available for a small fee (15 DKK per person). The Service house is open from 8:00 in the morning to 15:00 (3 pm) in the afternoon on weekdays.

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