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Arctic Villages

This hiking trip takes you to three of the nicest villages of this region in...

The Icefjord trek

One of the fastest moving glaciers in Greenland and in the world is the Helheim...

Successful completion of the Greenland Crossing Expedition

Our heroes Einar Tofi Finnsson, Ágúst Jóel Magnússon,, Elísabet Sólbergsdóttir, Jón Viðar Baldursson, Lilja Stefánsdóttir and Ólafur Darri Andrason have completed their expedition over the...

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We invite you to truly unplug with one of our carefully curated, multi-day Greenland Hiking Tours. Come explore the largest and one of the least known islands on the planet with some of the most experienced tour leaders in Arctic exploring. All tours begin in Iceland’s airport and run from June to August. Come have the adventure of a lifetime with Arctic Hiking!