Rest day spent playing cards

Saturday, April 30th was spent playing cards and getting extra sleep. The weather was as the forecast predicted, 15 m/s on average (measured with Lilja´s wind measurement tool), the temperature -18°C, and wild snowdrift. It was therefore extremely cozy to stay in the sleeping bag and listen to the wind howl outside. Yesterday morning (May 1st) the wind had turned and came straight from the North and the drifted snow had accumulated by the tents. It was quite thick, about 1.5m and 30m long. It took a while to dig the snow from the tents, but at 11:25 they put their skis back on. They skied 12.8 km in 4.5 active hours. Camp 8 was at 66°04’629N 40°46’390W. Calm weather Sunday night and a little frost fog. Everyone is in good spirits.

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