Successful completion of the Greenland Crossing Expedition

Our heros Einar Tofi Finnsson, Ágúst Jóel Magnússon,, Elísabet Sólbergsdóttir, Jón Viðar Baldursson, Lilja Stefánsdóttir and Ólafur Darri Andrason have completed their expedition over the Greenland lacier. The last 19 km took their time because the glacier is extremely rugged in this area and feels like a maze. It was really hard work to get through this said Einar, the expedition’s leader when he made the announcement that they were off the glacier. Everyone is in good health and they are thankful for all the encouragement they got and look forward to getting back home after an adventurous journey. We congratulate them on their achievement which is no easy task!

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