More coverage with better weather conditions and some decent

It can be a lot of work to wake up and dig out your tent is covered with snow during the night. This was the case on May 11. They woke up early and managed to ski almost 30 km in four 2 hour rounds. At the camp, they made a shelter because one more storm day was expected. People were hopeful that the storm would subside which didn’t happen until late in the evening. A decision was made to wake up early the next day. May 13 greeted them with calm winds and -25° and good skiing conditions. Following the first rest of the day, they met a group of 8 from Hvitserk in Norway. The groups exchanged greetings and then went their own ways. At the end of the day, they had skied 30 km and descended 65 meters which was something they had been waiting for. The next day, they were expecting nasty weather, but that didn’t happen. Confusion regarding wind measurement resulted in a faulty weather forecast which wasn’t rectified until they had made massive shelters. On May 14 the weather wasn’t bad after all and they managed to ski 25.8 km with the wind blowing at their back. On the way, they met a Hungarian couple on their way eastwards over the glacier. At the end of the day, there was still 41.7 km to reach DYE2 and 220 km to go.

On May 15 was a moderate wind and snowdrift with -23°C. The wind went down during the day and they met yet another group of people, a Norwegian-Indian expedition. At the end of the day, they saw DYE2 in the distance which was 13 km away. 30 km were covered and the camp was set up at 2,170 meters.

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