A turning point in the expedition

May 16 offered nice weather and the expedition covered 32 km in seven hours. They encountered more icecap “traffic” because they met two other groups and saw three others without meeting them. This day was also a turning point because now their heading is now more towards NW but also because the DYE2 station was on their way. The station is a relic from the cold war, built by the US to monitor a possible Soviet air attack. The station was a part of a 5,800 km line of 60 radar stations that were positioned close to the 69th parallel. At the peak of operations, 60 men worked there. It was completed in 1960 but abandoned in 1988.

After an hour-long stop at DYE2 it was time to continue. Everyone is feeling well and they estimate 4-5 more days until they get off the glacier.

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