Einar Torfi Finnsson’s, of Arctic Hiking, Greenland Crossing Expediton 2022

Einar Torfi Finnsson

In a few days Einar will start his expedition, crossing the Greenland icecap from east to west. This is his fifth time crossing the glacier. With him are five Icelanders eager to take on this challenge. The group leaves Iceland for Kulusuk on the 21st of April and starts their expedition on the 23rd of April. A helicopter will transport the group from Tasiilaq to the Hahn glacier where the expedition begins. It is expected to take approximately 24 days to cross the glacier and will end in Sondre Stromfjord on the west side.

The past few weeks we have been busy preparing for the expedition. Many things have to be in order, equipment, tents, clothing, pulks etc., but also food. Here are some photos from the food packing session. Great care has to be taken to pack enough food but not too much to save weight.

Here on this page we will follow the progress of the expedition through Garmin InReach and will add that feature when the expedition starts. We wish everyone a great trip and a safe passage home.

Below are some photos from the food packing session. One four-year-old said when she saw all the candy “Are there only Saturdays in Greenland?”

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