Birthday celebrations

It was a cold morning on May 6 with temperatures close to -30°C. The weather was calm and the temperature went up to “comfortable” -14°C during the day. Skiing conditions were still unfavorable and Einar got tired of keeping the skins still under his skis. He decided to cut them on the long side which made skiing much better. They were in contact with the other group that is crossing the glacier from west to east and had hoped to meet them on the evening of May 7. At that time there were 47 km between the two groups.

May 7 brought birthday celebrations because one of the expedition participants turned 60 years old. A special birthday lunch was prepared with chocolates and Beef Jerky. Skiing conditions became favorable and they crossed 20.5 km in 6 active hours and 30 min. Now the top of the glacier draws near and it’s all “downhill” from there.


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