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  • Tour type: Trekking
  • Duration: 8 days - 7 nights
  • Walking per day: 5 - 7 hours
  • Group size: Min. 5 - Max. 14
  • Accommodation: Tent and hostel
  • Language: English and French
  • Departures/Meeting point: July and August/Reykjavik Domestic Airport


  • The Peaks around the Sungate and the Qinertivaq fjord.
  • The “ice beaches” in Sermilik fjord.
  • The view from the Tiniteqilaaq ridge.
  • The incredible amount of icebergs.

One of the fastest moving glaciers in Greenland and in the world is the Helheim glacier. The Helheim glacier calves icebergs of all sizes, shapes, and forms into the Sermilik fjord or the Icefjord, in East Greenland, at the speed of approximately 60 m pr. day. The Sermilik fjord is surrounded by steep and pointed, glacier-covered mountains. North of the Icefjord reigns the edge of the Greenland Ice Cap, impressive and enormous. At the trail end, we find a tiny hunter’s village where Inuits have survived by hunting seals among the Icebergs of the fjord. At the end of each day, one can enjoy the calm and serenity of the Arctic. This is without a doubt one of the most interesting trek one can do in Greenland! Two departures: July 26, and August 12.

The mountain pyramids
The mountain pyramids

A trek that takes you to an iceberg wonderland, ending in a tiny Inuit hunter's village.


Day 1

Reykjavik Airport - Kulsuk

Flight from Reykjavík domestic airport to Kulusuk in the morning. The guide greets the group at the airport in Kulusuk and after putting the luggage on a quad trailer walks the group to the village. After lunch in our house in Kulusuk, we take a walk along the village and into the hills that surround it. Learn about the story of Cap Dan and its role in the Cold War and admire some of the pristine nature of Kulusuk Island. Visit to the tiny museum in the village and to the local church. Night in a local house, dormitory-style.

Day 2


In the morning we sail to Qinertivaq (1,5 to 2 hours), a narrow fjord surrounded by high granite mountains. We put up a camp on a small peninsula and have lunch before going for an afternoon walk. We will enjoy a relatively lush arctic vegetation and a magnificent view to peaks from 1300m (4200 ft) and up to almost 2000 m (6500 ft.). Night in tent. 3 to 4 hours walk.

Day 3

Sun Gate, Trout Lake and the Icefjord

We walk to the bottom of the fjord and from there to the Trout Lake at the foot of the pass called the Sun Gate. At the Trout Lake, we turn southwest and cross a glacier river that runs into the lake. On the riverbanks, we can admire the national flower of Greenland, the Dwarf Fireweed, also called Arctic River Beauty. Our valley turns to the west, we pass a small lake and a small glacier and then we start to see the Icefjords and its infinitive number of icebergs. The moraines of the glacier give us an excellent opportunity to learn about climate change and its effect on Greenland. Camp at a small peninsula at the edge of the fjord. 6 to 7 hours walk.

Day 4

Along the Sermilik (Icefjord) coast

We walk along the coast and sometimes up on the hills above the shore, on our way to the south. Sometimes we might hear a crack in an iceberg breaking the silence or the sound of an occasional Ringed Plover. We come to a small bay where we might see hundreds of stranded icebergs, each of them the size of a car. We continue to a larger bay where we must wade across a river, and again there is stranded ice of all sizes and forms. In the afternoon we arrive at a peninsula called Paarnakajiit and we put up our camp nearby. 6 hours walk.

Day 5

Sapulik to the lake

After our breakfast, we load the baggage boat before heading along a small bay called Sapulik. At the bottom of the bay, a river falls into it. We follow the river to a lake where a river crossing awaits us. With the river behind us, we walk along the lakeshore to the south in a narrow valley until we come to the narrowest fjord one could imagine, the Amitsivattiva. It’s only a couple of hundred meters across but over 4km long. We put our camp up at the bottom of this fjord. 6-7 hours walk.

Day 6

The mountain pyramids

A short day along the steep mountains of Niiniartivaraq. We admire the steep pyramid-shaped mountain peaks and the glaciers descending almost all the way into the valley. In the early afternoon, we arrive at a small fjord where we put up our camp. The rest of the day we can chill out, tell stories, and drink hot chocolate and just be in the moment. 4 hours walk.

Day 7

The mountain ridge and Tiniteqilaaq

We start the day by climbing the slopes above our camp until we reach a broad ridge with a magnificent view over the Sermilk fjord. We take our time admiring the view to the fjord and the surrounding mountains before hiking along the ridge and down to a tiny hunter’s village called Tiniteqilaaq or Tinit or Diilerilaar as the East Greenlanders say. The Village is actually at the edge of the Sermilik fjord so we take a little time to stroll around and maybe someone will try to get a picture of a giant Iceberg or two. In the late afternoon, we sail back to Kulusuk where the trip started and have a last festive dinner together in our house. 5 hours walk.

Day 8

Kulusuk - Reykjavik

We pack our things and throw the bags on the quad trailer before walking to the airport where we say farewell. Late morning flight to Reykjavík, arrival mid-afternoon local time.

Icefjord map
Icefjord map
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    Group (Min-Max)
  • Pricing Name July 26 - Icefjord Trek - 3 more needed to confirm departure
    Start Saturday May 21, 2022
    End Saturday May 21, 2022
    1 - 14 Pax

    Sold Out!

  • Pricing Name August 12 - Icefjord Trek - Confirmed with 5 PAX
    Start Saturday May 21, 2022
    End Saturday May 21, 2022
    1 - 14 Pax

    Sold Out!

Includes: Guiding, Boat transfer from Kulusuk to start of trek, Boat transfer from Tiniteqilaaq to Kulusuk at the end of trek, all luggage transport from camp to camp, all food from lunch in Kulusuk on day 1 to breakfast in Kulusuk on day 8, Accommodation as described in program, tents, mess tent, all camping gear, safety equipment (satellite phone, first aid kit etc.).

Excludes: Alcoholic beverages, flights to/from Greenland, other personal expenses, anything not mentioned in “Trip Includes”.